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Hello Our Fellow Readers,

 We will be changing things around here on MrJulio.com and we hope that it will be for the better both for you and us here on this site.

For sometime now speculation has gone around and decisions have been put off and things edited and more plans edited.

But we will henceforth change MrJulio into a Self-Improvement Blog and we hope that you will be able to understand this and be able to grow with us as you have in the past.

We are not only going to be looking, developing and re-working our plans but things will dramatically change and will progress forward, better and more involved then before.

We will also bring some helpful articles, E-courses and quotes along with this all of this and will hope that you will get a little more into taking action in your own personal and business lifestyles.

Start Getting Up and Taking Action on writing out your Plans, Dreams, Goals and also your life plans. Simply saying that you will change and you do not, will simply make you a speaker and not a doer, to get things done requires action without actions, you will not acquire your dreams the way that you really would like to achieve them.

Upcoming Updates To Come For MrJulio.com In December 2009:

November is coming to an end but December is right around the corner you will find many things and new articles which will begin on Sunday, November 29, 2009 and you will find a whole lot of content to take in and to extract in the topics that you maybe interested in.

But we recommend you take your time and read each article that may relate to your interests, taking daily action could be in small parts, such as 15 minutes one day a week, you must be productive and try not to overwhelm yourself by information overload.

Please Enjoy and Take You Time Digesting The Information But Please, Please We Cannot Recommend This Enough Please Take Productive Action Today, Apply What You Learn And See If You Receive The Results You Are Look To Receive.

Look out for more updates as they come, so as we move forward into our future and we all Learn and Grow together and begin to achieve our dreams and our goals together.

To Your Success,

Mr. Julio

Getting Up and Taking Action!

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