Health-Is being able to stay in good shape and eating right and enjoying your life.

Health is the most important thing of all and sits up there with Time.

How important is your health and where would you like to be sometime down the line healthy and or with poor health unable to take care of yourself or those around you and depending completely on them.

I am sorry to say it but health I will choose completely because it will allow me to fully enjoy this life and enjoy all of the great things that it has in it.

So many things you can do when you are healthy and so many things to enjoy and try.

You must remember money may provide you with a decent lifestyle but without your health you cannot fully enjoy what it actually means to be healthy.

Believe in yourself and believe in your health and those around you as well, because this will help you stay in the best physical and mentally as well.

Prepare yourself for what you need to remain healthy and which will in turn provide you with a happy and lifestyle and in good spirits.

Take care of yourself and those you love as well.

Best regards,

Mr. Julio R. Mattos

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