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MrJulio: Getting Up and Taking Action: Quotes Of The Moment

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

MrJulio Quotes Of The Moment
“I always was a rebel… but on the other hand, I wanted to be loved and accepted…

and not just be a loudmouth, lunatic, poet, musician. But I can not be what I am not.”

-John Lennon

Sorry About Not Posting Anything On MrJulio’s Blog

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Hello Fellow Readers,

Let’s Make April The Month Of Change And Converting Our Shared Knowledge, Wisdom, Power, Stories And Inspiration Plus Motivation With Each Other.

I Would Like To Offer A Gifts This Month So Please Be On The Look Out For Some Of Those Said Gifts.

As A Thank You For Being Patient With Me And Also For Your Past Attention To My Chosen Articles.

For April Their Will Be A Load Of Things To Be Coming To And Also To You To Be Able To Learn From.

I Wish You The Best Day Ever And Let’s Make April 2010 The Best Month And Year Of Action This Year.

To Your Success,

Mr. Julio Mattos

Updates:Wow It Has Been A While Hasn’t It?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Updates: Wow It Has Been A While Hasn’t It?

We will be adding some of the updates that we have promised before and we wil be bringing also helpful resources to

As for our subscribers please be patient, we will have some helpful tips, tricks, resources and advice coming to you soon.

If you also feel that you would like for us to target a specific topic or niche, please feel free to email our email address. Also please do not spam our email address, soon enough we will be using a Support Desk for any and all feedback.

So we realize that a lot of you have emailed us about the fact of Working Smarter Not Harder and how you can apply this to your life and your business, this requires learning to balance yourself and your actions.

We look forward to bringing this information to you very soon, also if you prefer you can feel free to let us know if you desire it to either be in written format, audio and or video. We will be looking to bring all 3 different styles to you soon.

We also realize that a lot of us learn in different ways and are always looking to improve ourselves and also take action on our dreams.

Look forward to some exciting things starting next Monday, November 3, 2008, we will be trying to implement some useful content and will be looking for your feedback from each and every post.

We look forward to posting more here at and I know it has been a while we have been working on quite a few different plans and have seen some new things to bring to you.

Updates: Plans, One Time Sales, Profit Generation Strategies

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Updates: Plans, One Time Sales, Profit Generation Strategies

Well it’s that time of year again, where deals and updates and planning comes about. We have in other works a few things which we will be offering which are products and services, articles and strategy sessions.

We plan to make this year the year of Productive Focus Driven Action Motivated Steps to really changing ones life. That can be you or it can be us, but all in all we will be bringing deals to you so look out and we will be having weekly deals and bi-weekly deals.

We are also joint venturing with a few people to bring an Virtual Real Estate Entrepreneur Package, this will be based on the what we have learned and what we find to be what Newbies and as well as the online veterans can use to really turn out a difference in really making money online.

Please bare with us on this package but we will have an awesome deal coming your way coming next week.

We plan to add a total maker over to and will bring you a variety of helpful resources, over the past year we have been delayed on a few different occassions and had to delay some potentials product launches. But as we stated earlier this year in January that we would make this the year of taking one step at a time to achieving the end of the day prize.

We also have told you time and time again that you have to take daily action toward your dreams, otherwise what kind of person would you be. Would you rather be remembered as someone who tried and failed or someone who never stepped up to the plate.

Of course you would rather be the one, who was remembered taking action right?

So we look forward to hearing from you and we will be looking forward to offering you helpful products and services.

Look forward to new updates coming your way.

All The Best,

Support Team

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2008!

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 

 Saint Patrick’s Day 2008 

Most people are celebrating and or planning to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day, of course over the weekend a lot of people were celebrating here in San Francisco. We had a lot of tourists in town who came to watch the parade here on Market Street and who discover that they decided to stay, to remain for the party today.

 They will be here to party and to have fun, celebrate their vacations, also me and some of my friends will be getting together to party and to discuss business and plans for this year.

We will also be planning for a few projects that we have line up and some other deal’s to make. 

Please be careful where you maybe and also celebrate the day with family and friends, but be careful even though it’s a holiday please do not drink and drive, party with safety in mind and you will be fine.

If you are in an unfamiliar place and or in a different city or state have fun and enjoy yourself, but leave your valuables at home and only take enough money to take care of yourself for food and drinks.

Happy Saint Patrick’s day, we here at will be working on a few article’s to come your way and we will be setting a few products to get you taking action for the remainder of this terrific year.

Helping you get your Learning While Your Earning going and running strong. Listen no matter where you are planning for anything can come back and help you accomplish your life long goals and plans.

 The old Boy scout’s motto has been for the last 100 years, “Be Prepared” and in life we have to come up with Ideas, Plans and Take Action To Accomplish what we truly desire.

What you can do to get yourself taking action before you jump out there today and go party with your friends and family is, to create a list of things you are looking to take action on and then make plans for the next month, year, years, to break up those plans into smaller and accomplishable daily actionable steps. 

Have a great day and have some fun, again Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

By Mr. Julio Mattos

Learning While Your Earning!   

P.s. Please do not forget to where Green after all it’s Saint Patrick’s day and the pinching will be going on today, at least even by complete strangers.

2008 Updates for

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

2008 Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

We have been looking into a few courses based on a few surveys we have seen online from a vast majority of resources from small companies and to large companies and a vast group of guru marketers.

We have seen all in all, the surveys that have been listed have stated that they are looking for more traffic generation methods.

While there is a deep list of ways of marketing and advertising, we have recently read Rich Schefren Attention Age 2 and he states in this report a variety of good points and this has had us a little busy putting a few packages together and will be focusing on ways of helping use some of those points.

What we have gotten mostly from Rich’s Attention Age Doctrine 2 is that a lot of potential business builders have not been taking advantage of Social Networking Websites and communications from a personal view point rather then a marketers view point, which is very much true. So in 2oo8 we will be putting the Social Networking Sites to use in upcoming Marketing Campaigns mainly for traffic generation perposes and will be looking to build new relationships and strengthen those relationships and previous going forward.

All in all with a short list to let you know what we have planned is this of course:

Search Engine Optimization- SEO

Social Networking Sites- Facebook and Myspace, Youtube, Etc.

Forums- offering a place for your customers to be able to communicate together.

List Building- Being able to build your ezine/newsletter of subscribers will help you be able to get your message out more and have them help you advertise your products and services as well.

Article Marketing- We have seen a lot of authors and marketers and individuals a like write articles to get traffic toward whatever subject that they have there aticle about.

Web Design and Sales Copy- Having your copy directly set and your templates with proper sales copy aimed toward creating more traffic and making more sales, because the more accurately you display your content and your site design, the better off you will.

K.I.S.S. Method- Keep it simple Stupid- This can work for you in so many ways keeping things short and to the point, will help you receive more traffic as well.

Video and Audio- We know that videos and audios, podcasting capabilities have helped cover a lot of ground as well, you know with ability to interview someone thousands of miles away and not have to leave your house, it allows for you and them to simply use computers and cameras to create great content and blam, instant traffic, of course it’s not that easy but it could be with practice.

Affiliate Programs- This is using your training abilities, to train affiliates and to offer them the tools they need to leverage your message out to their subscribers and customers.

Joint Venture Partnerships- Where by you and your JV Partner shares each others time to help leverage, the time, energy, money towards getting your message across to each others customers and affiliates, subscribers. Also if someone is well known and you are a newbie to your particular niche then that persons fame will help lead you to more exposure.

I did say a brief list but I explain a few of the benefits as well.

We have been contact some traffic generation specialists and have been buying traffic generation materials and will be putting some packages together help get traffic for both you and us, by offering some helpful resources to help you a littler further a long.

Look forward to some articles on this going forward throughout this brand new year, let’s make this year the year of change and making it the best financial and productive year yet to come.

Although we have spoke only about traffic generation we will have a lot of tips on other aspects of business and wealth building, etc. coming to you soon and a few other changes that we had planned but was delayed last year.

To all of your success.

By Julio Mattos

Updates and News: What’s Going On?

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Updates and News: What’s Going On?

Well over the past few weeks and throughout November or Better put we have seen up and downs in all fronts, the markets has been crazy lately.

We have had oil refinery fires, which has raised the cost of oil even more and making the fat cat investors of oil products, a lot more money.

We have seen a lot of job cuts in a varies different markets but mostly we have seen a slide in the Real estate markets and we have seen a lot of people effected by these disasters. Mortgage companies, title companies, first home buyers and even investors have been hit really hard, we even see a lot foreclosures and mother nature, also not to mention non- mother nature related. We have Wars that are taking tons of US Dollars and the President plans to ask Congress for $200 Billion Dollars more to help fight the war.

The Stock market has been playing it’s up and down battles, we are seeing that the government has been decreasing and slowly eliminating it’s savings bonds, treasury notes, etc.

We have seen that our US Dollar versus the Euro has fallen quite significantly, we have seen that most of the other currency’s has also somewhat risen against our dollar. We have seen also a lot of investors has been investing offshore for years and now most investors are now starting to take notice, foreign investors who usually invest in the US Dollar has been sitting on piles of cash now that their currencies are actually stronger against our US Dollar.

Not to say that a lot of top investors, analysts, investment management firms, wall street, has been talking about this for years as well. We have seen a lot of our US Businesses going offshore to save some money, to make more money, to grow with a wish list of shrinking their expenses while increasing their profitability.

Of course even in the Publishing markets or better put internet marketers are gaining more competition not to say that, we as internet marketers or infopreneurs that we are seeing more people competing with the same products and boosting them with more and more bonuses. But we are also seeing so many knew small business entrepreneurs closing down shop then ever.

Wow not to mention that it’s raining, watching the news early this morning their were floods over in Lincoln City, Oregon plus a few other places throughout the United States.  Here in the Bay Area we were told that down near Santa Cruz Area that there would be waves between 23-84 feet high waves. Plus surfers were talking about this would be great since this is the time of year where it’s surfing competitions.

Wow this has been a nice morning, not for some people and even though it’s raining and or snowing in some places, it’s a good day. The more that we plan for our lives and then to be ready for whatever comes our way is better, we must live life and we must deal with it’s circular movements that seems to be broken up into many obstacles that we must face.

We have all faced difficult times and are probably still going through difficult times right now, but it’s how we act and react to these situations, which will separate us from the pact. As a small business owner we look to keep expenses down and increase our profits, so that not only we get our capital that we invested in our business back but also get a good return on investment or better known as R.O.I. and we look to multiply our income from our business investments. We look to either create a extra income streams for our portfolio’s for both short-term and long-term. Most of us have or is already making extra money on a part-time or full-time basis and are looking to earn more and work less.

But on all fronts you can fully go out and do anything and waste time, money, or your energy on something if you are not taking daily action to be able to grow.

As a student and entrepreneur to business, investing, writing, publishing, project management, internet marketing, joint ventures, copywriting, the jack of all trades but master to none. That is what we claim ourselves to be as business owners, but we fail to really look what directly in front of us and we are always looking to increase our profits and if you are in the non-profit arena then you realize that it’s not only about the money, that it’s also about offering quality products and services, to the people we serve in our niches and providing them with the right product and services, to help solve there current problems with the right products and or services.

Some marketers and business owners are always looking for the perfect product and or service, but as a business owner even if you have failed before or succeeded, you come to realize that there is no perfect products or services.  That there will always be more and more strategies, tips, loop holes, that it will be a forever growing process and even though we are using strategies today doesn’t guarantee they will work tomorrow.

So we must use the tools, resources, software and products and services, that we have now and continue to grow and look to innovate more and more ideas, and stop being opportunity seekers always buying more and more different products on a wide scale of niches and look to aim at one niche at a time up until you make some actual profits.

Now if you are a Freelancer you will realize if you do not work, you do not get paid, and so you must look to add some products and services, to your business to create additional income streams. But you want to offer products that will be beneficial for your clients, also creating a newsletter aiming towards your expertise and offering tips, ideas, marketing know how, also helpful articles, not to mention some advertisements and or some product promotions will help build some extra income as well.

As marketers and business owners, even work at home business owners, we must always be looking to keep expenses down and increase our profits, even if that means working a little more to earn a little more in the short-term, over the long-term you are going to want to possibly outsource some of your jobs, to actually work more on growing your business as a owner and not working inside of it to simply try to work more, but to work more productively.

Take a look at your current events and see what your current financial situation is, and try to figure out how to get from where you are now and to where you would like to be tomorrow. This sounds very easy but it truly isn’t that easy. That’s why you must sit down and write down all of your current problems, no matter how small they are and brainstorm some solutions in order for you to take action, to change your current situation.

We will be changing a few things here on as well. We have said this before and we have been working to actually bring some beneficial items here and that Mr. Mattos has been working to change a few things and have made some final decisions on a few of the products recently and we will be having a massive just before new years sell as well.

For a little while we have also stopped a few things that we planned to launch, but will be launching and will be coming up with some excellent things to help get you on your way, no matter if you are an employee looking to improve himself or herself, or a freelancer looking to add a little a few products as backend offers or sales, or a internet marketer and small business owner looking to improve your current sales and marketing exposure.

It’s time for you to start taking daily action now, to improve what you are really looking to do, add value to your clients, to your lifestyle, to your family and friends.

Tare care and we will be getting back to you really soon, on some more of what will be doing soon. Mr. Mattos will be posting on the blog soon either today and or tomorrow. He has been planning to use tele-seminars to get in touch with his clients and customers and will be placing some audios, her on the blog starting this week, look forward to the audios and possible videos soon.

Have a great day and try to stay dry for some of you and for some of you have fun in the snow. Throw a few snowballs when you get a chance. 🙂

Happy Profits,

Support Team Updates Friday November 9, 2007

Friday, November 9th, 2007 Updates Friday November 9, 2007

We must apologize for the past couple weeks, we have some little delays in some of our projects that we are looking to list here. Also we have delayed a few things which we will be adding here, such as our new templates, website, articles, logo, Hot Product Packages, Audio Recordings/Pod-casts, we will also be adding a few helpful business education sites for you to use as well.

We believe in education and not simply the stuff we learned in School and street smarts, but also what we learn as we travel down the road of our Business Journey’s, Investing Journey, Short-Term and Long-Term Goals Journey. I am pretty sure you can see what I mean by stating these. Mr. Julio has also planned a few ventures and deals that will be listed here very soon, so in the mean time please bare with us and alert us of anything that’s on your minds, that you feel will be helpful to your Business Journey, Money Making Journey, Health Journey, Most Important Time Journey.

Mr. Mattos has also in the works of coming up with helpful content, to help you along your way of destroying your time wasters, allowing yourself to come up with good habits to stop you from being afraid and to also use the resources around you to help get to where you would like to be in your life.

Let’s get up and take action today. Let’s not let procrastination detour us from our goals, plans, and our current situations. If that means you have debt, vacation planned but lack the cash necessary to truly take it, come up with some solutions to deal with these problems. Dealing with these things will be a never ending battle and where ever you are in your life we will have to deal with them, so take some time today to write a list, of things that are currently bothering you, then brainstorm on some solutions to these problems.

It may sound a little bit like I am telling you to write out some goals, but this is simply not only the case here Julio Mattos does this all the time, he will have some stories about his background, some of the problems he has gone through both personal and business, you will truly enjoy some of his stories, as we journey to get to know more about Mr. Mattos we will also be learning, improving ourselves altogether, while taking the action to solve our current problems with suitable and workable solutions.

We hope your November has started off pretty well and that everything is going great with you, your family, your business and the free time that you are looking to gain along the Journey that we call Life. Let’s enjoy the journey, regardless of what may come our way, let’s approach it head on and grasp it tightly and ride it through. For far to long we have let everything just be in thought form and we have not taken the action necessary for us to accomplish the tasks that we must deal with on a day to day basis. But now let’s go forward and take the Leap to Action that will change us from sitting Idle to A World Dreamer Action Achiever.

Have a great day, live today as if it is your last, if this day were the last day in your book that we call life, what would it say?

Would it say something like “I have failed much and succeeded much, but this day I have achieved nothing and I am deep in debt and I have passed on with nothing to offer, the family and friends who I have left behind, who has to take money out of there pocket to pay for my funeral because I did nothing and I didn’t plan for nothing, I allowed fear, greed, and a whole lot more to deepen the blow to my life to the point that I did not ever accomplish, what I really wanted to accomplish, because I did not take any action and didn’t plan for anything.”

Please think about that for a moment, the next time you look to make up an excuse, Mr. Julio has seen and done a lot of things that has cause him to change his view on life, as he will explain soon in some brief articles he has written, he asked to hold off on posting them just yet.

 Have a wonderful weekend, we are off to go and enjoy the rest of today, and plan for the weekend.

Best regards,

Support Team

Friday Stories and Friday Fun, Weekend Fun, November 2, 2007

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Friday Stories and Friday Fun, November 2, 2007

Happy Friday to you out there.

For some people Friday means a lot and to others it’s a Friday everyday when you work for yourself, not for all freelancers and small business builders, whose currently working to improve their sales and grow their companies. But it’s also time when you get to spend with your family and friends and to what you feel like doing.

For some of us on weekends or even through the week we usually, take some kind of training. Usually I try to improve my marketing and sales skills each and every day, so that I can increase the amount of sales goals I have on a weekly basis.

As for the fun part of things this weekend I will be going dancing, do a little work and hang out with some friends. Then of course run some errands, upload some software and do some marketing.

Look so what are you doing this weekend? Are you doing something fun and exciting, even if it has to do with just watching some movie at the local theator or spending time with your family. Do something fun where ever you are in the world. A dose of fun and laughter will be enough to move mountains, also while you are having fun think of solutions towards improving your current lifestyle.

Not only will I be having fun this weekend, I will also be planning and coming up with solutions to my current problems, which are Becoming more healthier, increasing my wealth, wisdom, Repay favors and debts that I owe. Things like these are always fun but not having the additional funds in your pocket can be a total drain on your energy. But of course the more creative you become on your business journey the more better off you will be. By that I mean increasing your sales, working more productively, setting up plans, taking the proper action necessary to achieve your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals, problems.

I feel that if you are always looking to better yourself and to create solutions to the problems that are on your table, bothering you currently, you best also plan long term because if you do not and only plan for the short term. Then lets simply say that you only currently creating short term solutions to your problems and will on merely get by and remain in your current level of existence today and not preparing for tomorrow. I also realize that some of us, we believe in living in the here and now do not plan for tomorrow, I suppose that’s why these folks remain where they are and never achieve more then living paycheck to paycheck status.

I love being spontaneous and enjoy, taking an charted course on the road to something unplanned, but I also like having plans because I have watched myself become to entangled into way to many projects and or to many dinner offers, friends looking to hangout. Well I am pretty sure you catch my drift what I mean.

That’s why it’s better to be fully in control of your time, energy, money. Always look to better yourself and take the action necessary and you will get what you want. But always under all circumstances realize, that if you do not complete a task that you set for yourself today, then you slack then you will slack now and in the future.

Let succeed and enjoy our lives to the fullest, by bettering ourselves iin our personal and our business lives.

All the best have a great day and enjoy your weekend.

By Mr. Julio Mattos

What’s the Hot Buzz in the News Lately?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

What’s the Hot Buzz in the News Lately?

The Reason for this question it seems to be all bad as of late.

Let’s see here we have heard about the WARS over in the middle east, of course we will not really see any of this change for sometime to come and their is a lot of criticism about the war over in Iraq is going to cost multi-billions upward to trillions, this is of course from CNN news and from others news stations, such as KRON 5.

We have heard about the real estate market loosing some value in several places around the country, we hearing about record breaking mortgage companies loosing money, record breaking foreclosures, stock market loosing value which is unusual based on the facts of the real estate markets, usually they go in opposite directions but it’s not the case currently.

Sources for these facts: SF Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, CNN News.

You know literally every where you look it’s always something and FED is thinking about another interest rate decrease, this is not only hurting the US Dollar, but now other countries as well, since most of th

Well not only have we seen this the terrible fire storm down in San Diego, the inflation taking place through the country, the 3rd quarter reports for some companies fell shorter then expected and in others surpassed the amount expected which happens every quarter it seems like. But their is alot of talk from around the world a lot of countries are sitting on a lot of cash currently and they usually by a lot of US dollars because our dollar is usually very strong but currently we have seen our dollar decrease in value towards other currencies, alot  of experts who usually write on the news, NY Times, Wall Street, IBO,, have been saying for some years now that US Dollar has and will continue to decrease in value.

But we will soon see if this happens and as we go forward we will also watch the Presidential race between Democrats, Republicans and the other parties take place and unfold. Plus we will watch the real estate industry, mortgage industries, bankruptcies, financial industries, Fed and Sec and all these other resources provide us with either good and or bad news.

While all of this stuff is taking place you are also seeing big business buying competitors and a lot of small businesses slowly but surely opening and closing each and everyday.

Let’s improve our current lifestyles for the better and not only watch all this that is taking place before us, but to change our own current financial outcomes, by learning to invest our money, time, and steadily improve ourselves.

Until next time, would like to wish you well on all of the journey’s that your life will take you on and wish that you prosper in all your walks of life.

Best regards,

Mr. Julio Mattos