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Pictures Coming Soon

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Pictures to

We will be posting some weekly if not daily or bi-weekly coming soon and will add some side notes to each article.

We have decided or rather have been looking to take some nice pictures to add to our blog and will hope that each and everyone of the pictures we add will be able to benefit everyone in some way.

Mr. Mattos has decided to start adding pictures to the blog because he feels that it will truly benefit each person who comes here and will hope that you will enjoy them.

We have a lot that we plan to do here on our blog Mr. Julio is getting some things together this weekend, since he has a meeting with his team and will be also out watching the Blue Angels Flying here in San Francisco for Fleet week.

So we will add some pictures coming weekend and we will be adding a picture of Mr Julio as well.

Have a fantastic weekend.

All The Best,

Mr Julio