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Monday, September 7th, 2009

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What is Leverage?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

What is Leverage?

Leverage is explained by webster in 2 ways which is the following

Leverage (noun) 

 as 1 : the action of a lever or the mechanical advantage gained by it 2 : power , effectiveness <trying to gain more political leverage> 3 : the use of credit to enhance one’s speculative capacity


Main Entry:
transitive verb
Inflected Form(s):
leveraged; leverag·ing

1: to provide (as a corporation) or supplement (as money) with leverage ; also : to enhance as if by supplying with financial leverage2: to use for gain : exploit <shamelessly leverage the system to their advantage — Alexander Wolff>

Realistically if you put it all together you combine any numerous amounts of techniques, tactics, to get what you want. Hunh?

Ok let me put another way for you by actually addding a short list of things of which you can leverage but not limited to following list:

True and Real Assets




Mailing List

Products  (Ebooks, Audio Ebooks, Videos Either on DVD or Downloadable online, Software)

Services (In Exchange for something else of equal or more value)


Knowledge and Skills

Marketing Ability


Alright I think that give you some kind of idea of what leverage is and how you can maximize your ability to achieve what you want, if you cannot do something find someone willing to partner with you and leverage each others ability to get things done.

Now choose someone where he fills in your weaknesses and you are able to fill his, that way you both are able to correct each other’s weakness through leverage, this will allow for you both to be a better structured and successful partnership.

If you have a group whereby you all lack the same abilities, find someone to help eliminate that gap of that group and you will see that your group will become so powerful through the art of Leverage.

So many people miss out on the real efforts and strength of what leverage can do for you both personally and business and as well as financially, friendships, etc.

All of it can deliver so much value to you and your goals, missions, plans.

This will be touched upon a little bit later on and should not be thought of as not valuable, because it will show you that you are not really using your head. Why do I say that here?

Think about all of the successful people who has come before us and are currently popping up all over the place, do you think that success just falls into their lap, no it doesn’t and if you believe that they are lucky, yes they maybe but not completely.

They used a variety of connections to the above list and helped them Leverage their past failures and turned them into successful leveraged leaders. Remember no matter who you are and what you do, even if you do not believe me, you are using leverage.

Do you use a alarm clock in the morning, tooth brush and tooth paste, fork to eat your food, keys to lock your door at night, I do believe I have given you a few examples here.

That’s how powerful Leverage is and how it can help you really achieve success.

Start thinking of ways of using the above list to start t achieve your desired lifestyle and take it from me, you will be hearing about how I am applying this strategy to both my personal and business lifestyles as well.

I have always loved this word but never really took that massive action that helps this really come alive for me until last year and now I am taking massive action and will unleash the power of leverage.

All the best,

Julio R. Mattos

Discover How You Can Learn To Fish and Teach Your Team To Do The Same!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Discover How You Can Learn To Fish and Teach Your Team To Do The Same!

I am very sure you remember the old quote as follows:

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

This quote has so many hidden ideas and plans and meanings behind it, but it’s simply put into just that meaning.

If I simply gave you $10 you can only eat for today, but if I taught you how to make $10 over and over again, then you will eat for the rest of your life.

This is more aimed towards your team Building side of your business or simply put you can implement this the way you would like to implement it.

Creating a team is a very useful way for your business to really to take off, please think carefully what I am saying here, because this is the reason why so many businesses out there fail.

They believe that they are only one can do their job better then anyone else, sometimes this is really true, but delegating work will play a key role in the Longevity of your business.

Business is truly a team sport, not to say you that you have to hire tons of employees, but to say if you are a start up and if you feel that some of the work, that you do not like to do and rather not do because you feel your time can be better, spent on producing more profits for the business, then by all means outsource the work.

Even though your budget maybe small think about the fact of you putting your time towards, more productive things as selling more, creating JV’s (Joint Ventures), or setting up a Autoresponder (Automatically will send info To your email list, tips or newsletter for your company) for you, to be able to stay in contact with your clients, either daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or however many times you feel comfortable, with your list.

So the Quote I would like to say is this below another way of saying it for Team Building as follows:

“Give your team a bucket of fish and they will eat for a day, but teach your team how to Fish and they will Eat for a Lifetime.”
-By Mr. Julio Mattos or by Mr. Mattos Julio

Or Maybe I should say it another way, which will make it more suitable for this article as follows:

“Give your team a sale and they will profit for today, but teach your team to sell and they will sell for a lifetime.”
-By Mr. Mattos Julio or By Mr. Julio Mattos

Ah you know the name thing, in so many countries the name more thoroughly said by the last name in the first greetings and then the first name there after, so if your name Julio Mattos, it would be more pleasant to say, Mattos Julio, a friend from Poland just so happen to tell me this, I knew about this.

But he recently returned from Japan and a few other Asian countries and told me about this, even it’s more of First Name and then last name here in America, other places, I have had many mixed reviews on this but hey if you think may know about out it, please by all means write comment or email us, we will glad here any and all feedback here at

Ok back to reasoning behind this article, I have prolonged it a for a while when I was younger trying, to do all of the work myself in a few ventures and trying to have a life at the same time.

If have ever worked on any project, job, or business venture, then you will know exactly what I mean, this is the reasoning for all new companies or we should call them start up fail in the first year, you try to shave off expenses because you are on a set start up budget and sometimes you have no money for the start up and so you have to everything yourself.

But you know maybe there are some people out there where you make a trade for their services or products, something you maybe good at, for example accounting, bookkeeping, computers maybe IT, you can offer to trade services, with someone that has the experience in something you really need, perhaps you need content and a writer or copywriter whose up and coming will be willing to trade with you, maybe you know a lot about website design and he doesn’t know anything or would perhaps be more happier to not know and he’s on a budget awesome, work out a deal.

Being Strategic and very resourceful for what you have and don’t have or know, you can and have to improvise also you must come up with solutions to the problems you currently have on your plate, and you have clear the plate with solutions, before the plate can be cleaned.

Think about setting up a team, join a master mind group or something like that, work with local small businesses and see if you work with them and you guys can set something up, you never know who you may meet and ask your friends if they know someone.

Wow, I just gave a bunch more tips then I actually intended to do here, ah I writing is the life for me.

Think about this when you are actually starting a internet business, or a offline business, think of ways to saving yourself the time and stress and money, as well as the return on investment (ROI, that can be made.

Let me know what you think about this and feel free to contact me, in the future we will be looking to be more resource for you and us, by recommending links to sites that we believe to be very useful for us here at MrJulio,com

Have a very pleasant day.

By Mr. Julio Mattos
Getting up and Taking Action.

Starting Your Own Group To Make Cash

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Starting Your Own Group To Make CashMany people overlook the power of running your own Yahoo, MSN, and Google group. These groups are very niche oriented and can often times yield thousands of members. It is very easy to start up your own group for free that you can promote affiliate and resale rights products to.

The first thing you need to do is select a popular and active niche topic. To make this easy you should write down a list of at least ten things that you are interested in or have experience in. This will make posting to your group very easy to do.

Now that you have your list of topics made it is time to choose a winner. To do this we will turn to a tool called Niche Bot. Simply go to nichebot dot com and type your first topic in the space provided and hit search.

You will now be shown the top ten related search terms. We are not really worried about how easy it will be to get ranked in the search engines since this will not be our focus. Most of our traffic will come from other groups as well searches done on the group hosts (Yahoo, MSN, ect..) main page. In this case we want to find a topic that has lots of searches done on it to make sure our group topic is popular.

Now you should have a smaller list of wining topics. But we want to do one more thing before starting your group.

What you need to do now is search for your main topic on Google. On the right hand side of your search results you should see the paid ads. Look through them and make sure that people are selling digital products. This will ensure that your target audience is willing to buy online.

For now just choose one of the ones that are left over to start your first group with. You by no means want to get overwhelmed when starting out so start with only one topic.

You can start your group on any site that has such an option. The most popular sites that have groups are Yahoo, MSN, and Google. I suggest starting a group on all of these sites. We will not go into any detail here since it is pretty self explanatory and each site differs.

Once you have your groups setup you will want to make your first post. Once you post to one of the groups you can also put the same post on the others. This way you should have three mirror groups.

Your posts can be almost anything. Some of the easiest things to post will be articles and excerpts from other sites with your opinion mixed in. Your group will be very much like an exclusive blog. Your members can post messages to the group to hold a conversation as well as ask questions and make comments.

You will find yourself getting new members all of the time. As long as your topic is popular members of the site will find your group via searches as well as word of mouth. It may take a little while to build a good fan base this way but there is a couple of tricks you can pull out of your sleeve.

The first and most effective one is to JV with other group owners. You will most likely find that someone else has created a similar group who’s topic is related to yours. The easiest way to JV with another group is to simply join it. Once you have joined you should make an informative post or two to get known as a reliable source.

Now that you have made yourself seen look for the group owners email. Write them a simple e-mail explaining what you would like to do. In this case you would like to promote their group to yours and have them do the same. This will equally benefit both groups. You could also try offering things like niche products with resale rights to get them to promote your group to theirs.

The next easiest thing to do is write some articles. These can be used for content on your group as well as get submitted to article directories with a link back to your group’s in the author BIO so people can join them.

This option will get the word out allot better than doing a JV. However when using a cross promotion JV the people your group is being advertised to are more likely to join since they are already part of the community.

The third thing you can do to promote your group is post on forums. To do this simply put links to your groups in your forum signature. Once you have done this start making informative posts as well as answer other forum members questions. This will give you credibility and you will soon start seeing new members sign up for your group from the forums.

By using all of the above techniques you should be able to build up a few thousand members in no time if your topic is popular. Once you get your members make sure to keep them by posting new information frequently. If you do not make it worth while for your members to stay they will leave your group.

The next thing you want to do is start selling to this group of hungry members. There are two option you have to make money from your group.

The first way to make money from your group is to promote affiliate products. You can do this by writing articles that relate to the topic as well as post reviews on products. When you write a review make sure that you have actually seen or used the product or service.

When your members go to buy the product they will know if you have actually seen or used it. Lying or falsifying information will simply hurt you in the end so try not to B. S. your members. This is the quickest way to loose their trust and chase them away from your group.

The second thing you can do is sell products that are related to your niche that have resale rights. This means that you can sell the product for any price and keep 100% of the profits. The best way to sell resale rights products to your group is to have a site to upload them to and a simple order page with a Pay Pal order button on.

You can always simply have your members send the money to your Pay Pal account and just email them the product but this will be very time consuming. If at all possible you will want to automate this in one way or another. This will give you more time to create content for your groups and find products to promote.

Setting up your very own group is not hard at all. In fact anybody with a computer and an Internet connection has the ability to do it. Many people overlook the possibilities of starting their own groups and for this reason it is not a very crowded market. If you are looking to make money online without having to invest any money this is a great place to start.

By Mr. Julio Mattos

Getting Up and Taking Action.