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Last Call For The Marketers Cruise

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Hi  Julio Here,

This January, I have the pleasure of spending a week away from it all,
with some of the brightest marketing minds on the planet. It all takes
place on a luxury cruise ship, sailing to the Caribbean. You have just GOT
to see this….

Seven days of FUN in the sun. We booked our stateroom a while ago, but
then we realized…YOU should be joining us! This year’s cruise is almost
SOLD OUT, but we are holding a few cabins for our friends and VIP clients,
only until TONIGHT!

We would love to share this annual Mastermind Vacation with you and your
family. The networking is amazing, and the kids will love Camp Carnival.

Hey, you take a vacation anyway, right? You DESERVE a vacation, so why
not take your next one with cool people you actually have something in
common with? US! All that is needed now is a small $250 deposit, with
the balance not due until October. Hope you will join us.

When you make your reservation, please mention that you were invited by

Bon Voyage,

Julio R. Mattos

P.S. Check out all the top names on the VIP Guest List, hundreds of top
Internet Marketers, friends and families. YOUR name should be on that

P.S.S. Please Let Me Know If you Desire To Go and By The End Of Today Wednesday, August 26, 2009 because today will be the last day for a deposit of $250 and then remainder balance will be due in October.If you have ever been to a seminar and thought that you found great knowledge or you did not, this will be the place to socialize and the place to do business while being on vacation, this will change your life.

You will be able to grill me with questions and also a whole group of very, very successful Internet Marketers from around the world and in many different niche markets…You will have the best time of your life, take it from me I did and I will go every year from now on.

Abraham Lincoln—February 12, 2009 was the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

Friday, February 13th, 2009

February 13, 2009

Abraham Lincoln—February 12, 2009 was the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

 Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, successfully led the country through the Civil War from 1861 until his assassination in 1865. Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., where John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln on April 14, 1865, reopened this week following an extensive renovation. President Barack Obama praised Lincoln for his fight to end slavery at the theatre’s opening ceremony.

The U.S. Treasury is also honoring Lincoln this year by releasing four pennies with images commemorating Lincoln’s life. The first penny will have the image of the one-room cabin where Lincoln was born. Christie’s put a handwritten copy of a Lincoln speech up for auction yesterday, estimating that it would sell for $3 million to $4 million. Lincoln gave the speech at the White House shortly after he won re-election in 1864.

Sources: The Associated Press, BBC,

Happy Halloween…Enjoy your Halloween and Also Be Safe

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Happy Halloween…Enjoy Halloween and Also Be Safe

Happy Halloween, I know a lot of you will be taking your children out and taking yourselves out, hanging out with your family and friends, please do yourselves a favor if you are going out.

You may want to avoid driving, instead either rent a limo or rent a hotel room if you are drinking, the police will definitely be out there watching and also to prevent any casualties or ruin your future while having a little fun.

Plan something safe and watch over those you invite to hangout with you.

But be prepared to enjoy yourselves and dress in your costumes depending on what you are planning to be that is.

Also we here at will also be bringing some news to you by the end of the week about upcoming articles and resources to helping you take some action upon your dreams and goals, by coming up with solutions to your problems.

Take care of yourselves and we will seen you soon.

Best regards,

Julio Mattos

Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Just a quick note…first and foremost
I want to wish you all a Happy and Safe Memorial Day and
hearty THANK YOU to any of you who have served, are serving or
have a loved one serving our country.

Hopefully you have been able to get in contact with any of your friend or made to visit and refresh the flowers on there graves to honor them and to let them know you still care.

Here in San Francisco over in the Presidio they celebrated and the fallen troops and there were a lot of passed veterans and families of current veterans there, refreshing the flowers and having conversations and even having a few drinks with old buddies.

Downtown over the weekend they had a parade and celebrated memorial day, with the passed veterans and present troops.

We respect all of those who have faught bravely and served this country with everything they had and extended helping hands, to help others before allowing their emotions to get in the way of their duties.

Please if you have served or have had family or friends who have served, please help by saluting them today and allow them to know that we know they have sacrificed alot to allow for all of us to live a peaceful and allow for us to truly enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

Please allow for those love ones to know that they still have someone who cares for them and respects what they are doing for this country or any country whose troops are fighting to help defend there fellow citizens.


Best regards,

Julio Mattos 

Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mother’s out there and to all the soon to be mother’s, Thank you very much for loving all your children and for raising them to be great Super Star’s.

Mother’s we only get the chance to enjoy you while you are here on earth, once you depart we feel like we have lost the main fork in the road.  I lost mother about 6 years ago and have never stopped thinking about her and her laugh’s and all the time she took care of me and my brother’s and sister’s.

I remember when I was a child my mother was always pushing me to become someone great and even though she had 5 children, we all wanted different things but we also had a common ending. To help other’s out and treat everyone with respect, my mother would not here of us miss treating someone and that was because our core family values.

My Mother was a very beautiful and intelligent woman even with her flaws, she would show you that if you wanted something you could achieve it. But it would require hard work and focus, as well as proper preparation and to utilize the resources around you to truly go out and become someone.

Mother’s have a very hard job and most mother’s who work full-time and take care of their children are master task’s followers. If they do not know how to prepare for multiple things they could be lost with the thousand different things that they must deal with.

I would like to say it again and again, THANK YOU TO ALL MOTHER’S out there.

If it wasn’t for your love and kindness and you pushing us and teaching and guiding us, we all would truly be lost and with no where to go.

Please take a moment and say thank you to everything your mother has done for you and even if you are not close to your mom, say thank you. We all may have some things that may happened between our mother and ourselves, but as you get older and wiser, you will soon see we only have one mother and one father.

Even if you are adopted, Say thank you to your adopted mother and every mother out there.

We appreciate what you have sacrificed and what you have brought into our lives.

Happy Mother’s day and I hope you all are spending it with your mother’s, if not do not stop only because today is mother’s day. Appreciate your mother everyday if you can and if you cannot or do not desire to see her all the time, at least give her call and let her know you are still alive and well.

Personally, I have several friends who do not even talk to their mother’s and or do not ever want to talk to their mother’s again. I’ve heard so many stories behind the reasoning and I understand most of them, but some of them the reasoning is, “They Do Not Have the Time and or Resources” or “They Do Not Want to be Smothered by there mom’s to much”.

That’s fine but call your mom and do not let simply fade away until after she’s gone to appreciate her. I loved my mom and I still love her and always will.

I cannot put into words the Thank you and the absolute feelings that desire to display for my mom. But I do realize that she’s no longer suffering and no more pain, but is sitting upon a cloud laughing as she always did and sitting right next to me, as long as I live and the memory of her lives, she is never gone at least in spirit.

Take care Mothers and enjoy this beautiful day.

Best regards,

Julio Mattos

Happy Cesar Chavez Holiday

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Happy Cesar Chavez Holiday

Most people may or may not know who he is or what he did.

The fact is he made a big difference here in America for foreigners looking and searching to achieve the American Dream. He fought for the rights for Farmers rights and more, to be treated equally and to be taught alot more, if you desire to know more about him please feel free to visit and type in Cesar Chavez you will get a complete overview what he did and what he stood for.

I hope everyone is really enjoying this day off, but most of us have to work today and even if it for only a few hours.

Enjoy any and all time off that you may have and learn to look for things that you are passionate about, this will help your purpose that much more other then simply whining.

Best regards,

Julio Mattos

P.s. Do not forget tomorrow will be April fools day and it look out for prainsters tomorrow, because they will be looking for victims to target.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2008!

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 

 Saint Patrick’s Day 2008 

Most people are celebrating and or planning to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day, of course over the weekend a lot of people were celebrating here in San Francisco. We had a lot of tourists in town who came to watch the parade here on Market Street and who discover that they decided to stay, to remain for the party today.

 They will be here to party and to have fun, celebrate their vacations, also me and some of my friends will be getting together to party and to discuss business and plans for this year.

We will also be planning for a few projects that we have line up and some other deal’s to make. 

Please be careful where you maybe and also celebrate the day with family and friends, but be careful even though it’s a holiday please do not drink and drive, party with safety in mind and you will be fine.

If you are in an unfamiliar place and or in a different city or state have fun and enjoy yourself, but leave your valuables at home and only take enough money to take care of yourself for food and drinks.

Happy Saint Patrick’s day, we here at will be working on a few article’s to come your way and we will be setting a few products to get you taking action for the remainder of this terrific year.

Helping you get your Learning While Your Earning going and running strong. Listen no matter where you are planning for anything can come back and help you accomplish your life long goals and plans.

 The old Boy scout’s motto has been for the last 100 years, “Be Prepared” and in life we have to come up with Ideas, Plans and Take Action To Accomplish what we truly desire.

What you can do to get yourself taking action before you jump out there today and go party with your friends and family is, to create a list of things you are looking to take action on and then make plans for the next month, year, years, to break up those plans into smaller and accomplishable daily actionable steps. 

Have a great day and have some fun, again Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

By Mr. Julio Mattos

Learning While Your Earning!   

P.s. Please do not forget to where Green after all it’s Saint Patrick’s day and the pinching will be going on today, at least even by complete strangers.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Wishing you and you’re a very Happy Merry Christmas and a very Bright Happy New year from Julio Mattos here in San Francisco.

I hope that you enjoy the next two weeks first for Christmas and then New Years. Hopefully Santa Claus bring you and your family together to celebrate a time of exchanging gifts whatever they maybe, also that it brings you and your family a joyous occasion to be together, have some apple cider and some made cooking, creating knew and cherishing memories and each other.

In most places you have snow, in other places rain, some sunshine, but all in all it’s the time of the year where it’s cold, except in certain places, mostly we brought together to say thank you to each other and for being family and friends, also looking to the New Year for more opportunities to grow and prosper more then we had the opportunity to do so the previous year.

Have a wonderful end of the year Christmas and New Years celebration, may the new year bring to you and yours the opportunities and changes of growth that you desire to accomplish. 

Let’s have fun no matter where in the world each and every one of us maybe, let’s stay in contact and have some fun while we grow and improve each and every day. Best wishes from your friend,

Julio Mattos

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année. Souhaitant vous et vous êtes une très bonne Joyeux Noël et une très lumineux, Bonne année à partir de Julio Mattos, ici à San Francisco.J’espère que vous apprécierez les deux semaines à venir d’abord pour Noël et du Nouvel An alors. Espérons que le Père Noël vous apporter, ainsi qu’à votre famille réunis pour célébrer un moment de l’échange des cadeaux tout ce qu’ils peut-être, aussi qu’elle apporte à vous et à votre famille une joyeuse occasion d’être ensemble, avoir une certaine cidre de pomme et faites cuire environ, et savait créer des souvenirs et chérissant Les uns les autres.

Dans la plupart des endroits que vous avez la neige, en d’autres lieux pluie, du soleil, mais dans l’ensemble, c’est le moment de l’année où il fait froid, sauf dans certains endroits, essentiellement rassemblés pour nous dire merci les uns aux autres et Pour sa famille et ses amis, également à la recherche de la nouvelle année pour plus de possibilités de croître et de prospérer plus que nous avons eu l’occasion de le faire l’année précédente.

Passez une bonne fin de l’année, Noël et célébration du Nouvel An, que la nouvelle année vous apporter le vôtre et les possibilités de croissance et les changements que vous désirez accomplir.

Let’s have fun, peu importe où dans le monde, chacun d’entre nous peut-être, nous allons rester en contact et de se faire plaisir tout en nous développer et à améliorer chaque jour.

Meilleurs vœux de votre ami,

Julio Mattos



有一個奇妙的在今年年底的聖誕節和新年慶祝活動,可新的一年帶給你和你的機遇和變化,經濟增長的,你渴望完成的工作。 讓我們同樂無論身在何處,在世界上每一個我們或許,讓我們保持聯繫,並有一些樂趣的同時,我們的成長和提高每個人每一天。 最良好的祝愿,從你的朋友,胡里奧mattos

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr.Wir wünschen Ihnen und Sie sind ein sehr gutes Frohe Weihnachten und ein sehr hell und Frohes Neues Jahr von Julio Mattos hier in San Francisco.Ich hoffe, Sie genießen den nächsten zwei Wochen für die ersten Weihnachts-und dann New Years. Hoffentlich Santa Claus bringt Sie und Ihre Familie zusammen zu feiern, eine Zeit der Austausch von Geschenken, was sie vielleicht auch, dass es bringt Ihnen und Ihrer Familie ein freudiger Anlass zusammen zu sein, haben einige Apfel Apfel-und einige aus Küche, die Schaffung und wusste, Erinnerungen und Wertschätzung Einander.

In den meisten Orten, die Sie haben, Schnee, Regen und anderen Orten, ein wenig Sonnenschein, aber alles in allem ist es die Zeit des Jahres, wo es kalt ist, außer in einigen Orten, vor allem wir zusammengebracht zu sagen, ich danke Ihnen für einander und Für die Familie und Freunde, auch mit Blick auf die Neue Jahr für mehr Möglichkeiten zu wachsen und gedeihen mehr dann hatten wir die Gelegenheit, dies zu tun im Vorjahr.

Have a wonderful Ende des Jahres Weihnachten und Neujahr feiern, kann das neue Jahr bringen für Sie und Ihre Chancen und Veränderungen des Wachstums, dass Sie den Wunsch zu erfüllen.

Let’s have fun, egal wo auf der Welt jede und jeder von uns vielleicht, wir bleiben in Kontakt und haben Spaß, während wir wachsen und verbessern jeden Tag.

Beste Grüße von Ihrem Freund,

Julio Mattos

Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo.Wishing voi e siete un Buon Natale e Felice molto luminose e Happy New anno da Julio Mattos qui a San Francisco.Spero che vi piacciono le prossime due settimane prima di Natale e poi Capodanno. Speriamo che Babbo Natale porterà lei e la sua famiglia per festeggiare insieme un momento di scambio di doni quello che forse, che porta anche lei e la sua famiglia una gioiosa occasione per stare insieme, avere qualche mela sidro e alcuni compiuti cottura, sapeva creare e coltivare e memorie Reciprocamente.

Nella maggior parte dei luoghi che hanno neve, in altri luoghi pioggia, qualche raggio di sole, ma tutto in tutti è il periodo dell’anno in cui è freddo, tranne che in alcuni luoghi, per la maggior parte di noi ha riunito dire grazie a vicenda e Per la famiglia e gli amici, guarda anche al Nuovo Anno per maggiori opportunità di crescere e di prosperare più allora abbiamo avuto l’opportunità di farlo l’anno precedente.

Hanno un meraviglioso fine anno Natale e Capodanno celebrazione, che il nuovo anno porti a voi e la vostra opportunità di crescita e le modifiche che si desidera realizzare.

Let’s have fun non importa dove nel mondo e ognuno di noi, forse, mi sento di rimanere in contatto e di farsi piacere, mentre noi crescere e migliorare ogni giorno.

Migliori auguri da un tuo amico,

Julio Mattos

メリークリスマスとあけましておめでとう。    あなたとあなたが願って、非常に幸せなメリークリスマスと、非常に明るいとフリオマトスあけましておめでとうここで、サンフランシスコからです。  私は希望していただけることは、次の2週間で最初のクリスマスに向けて、それから新しい年です。サンタクロースをもたらす願わくはあなたとあなたの家族が集まるを祝ってプレゼント交換をする時にどのようなことかもしれないし、またそれをもたらすあなたとあなたの家族に喜ばしい出来事に合わせ、アップルサイダーがいくつかあるといくつかの料理を前に、思い出を作成すると知っていたとcherishingお互い。  ほとんどの場所にする必要が雪には、他の場所で雨には、いくつかの日差しが、それは、全部で時間オブザイヤーの寒さがどこには、特定の場所を除いて、ほとんどが私たちを召集してお互いにお礼を言うと家族や友人のためには、新年のためにも注目して成長し、より多くの機会をプロスパーそれから私たちはより多くの機会が訪れることと、前年です。  年末にはすてきなクリスマスと新年の祝賀会は、新年をもたらすかもしれませんが、あなたとあなたの変化と成長の機会を達成することを望む。     楽しんできてみよう、世界のどこにいようと、各私たちの誰もがそうかもしれないし、滞在中に連絡してみようと楽しみながら我々がいくつかあるごとに成長し、向上させると、毎日です。     お友達からのご多幸をお祈りし、  フリオマトス 

Happy Thanksgiving and What are you Thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

What are you Thankful for this 2007 Thanksgiving?

I hope you will be celebrating this Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Enjoying some home made fresh cooked Turkey and whatever else your traditional Thanksgiving family meal consists of.

Mostly this is the time of year for you and your family and friends to get together and tell each what you are thankful for and what you have been up for the year.  I can tell you this my little nephew’s 3rd birthday is tomorrow and he will be very happy to see his aunties, uncles, cousins come together and enjoy a very delicious home cooked meal, that of course my big sister will be making. Yum, just thinking about it makes want some right now, in my family we usually would have a mix of turkey and honey ham, plus my sister has made her own family tradition and something close to what my mother used to prepare.

I  would love to show you a picture of what my sister will be cooking, but she would chase me away from taking any pictures, a few times she has, but it has been a lot of fun.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and enjoy the time off of being at work as well. Prepare to relax and enjoy yourself because most people have the next 4 days off, except a few of us will still get a little work in here and there. Ah but what away to fully enjoy yourself, have dinner with family and friends, see all the happy faces and enjoy some delicious food and catch up on what has been going on in each other’s lives.

Enjoy yourselves and we here at will surely be enjoying ourselves and will be visiting family and friends.

We will give some updated information on the blog over the next few days.

A few things I am Thankful for is as follows:

I glad to be in good health

I am Thankful for all of MrJulio Readers and contributors.

I am Thankful to be able to be a Writer, Publisher, A Dreamer, Businessman.

I am Thankful for all the people I get a chance to Network with and spend time getting to know.

I am Thankful that all my family, friends and future friends, will steadily come to enjoy their lives just a little more and that they are in good health, looking to steadily improve their current living conditions, by taking a little action each and everyday.

Those are a few of the things that I personally are thankful for and I can list a lot more but will not.

Happy Thanksgiving again.

All The Best Take a Little Action today,

Julio Mattos