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Quote of the Morning…

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Work on it once Correctly, Set it up and Automate it and Forget it.


Whovever Said the above quote was a very wise man.

If you do not understand that simple sentence, it means to automate your working life with the new use of new technology.

You can truly automate on many tasks and jobs in your business to have your computer do most of the work for you, then to try to do everything yourself working 18 hour days, isolating yourself from family and friends and your personal life in general.

If you can learn to adapt and modify your plans and start to use technology as leverage, with creative and proven systems you will see your business and your personal serl evolve and it will fill truly amazing.

Think about that the next time you are freaking out and stressing out over some administrative tasks, and also other certain tasks.

Start to Work Smarter Not Harder and you will see so many opportunities comes your way that it will fill like christmas everyday.

All the best,

Julio R. Mattos