“I’m a marketer!” or “I am a Marketer”

“I’m a marketer!”

“My specialty is attracting new customers … persuading existing customers to make ever-larger purchases … convincing them to buy more often … and making sure they keep buying from me forever.”

This was a part of explaination that Clayton Makepeace recently posted in his newsletter and has really made rethink about the fact that he mention’s some very juicy details and more on it shortly.

As for right now it had me really thinking over the course of the weekend, even though when your in business you are always a marketer but more into when you are a business owner you want to be sure you know what you really want from your business and also what your job really is.

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Julio Mattos

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  1. support says:

    When it comes to Marketing you must remember that it is your primary mission to get your message across to your current targeted niche as clearly and as simply as possible.

    We all tend to take things for granted when we either own a busines, run a business and build and grow a business.

    We really find ourselves spending more time telling our stories of our business rather letting our business get the word out for us.

    As a business owner “We Are Marketers” you can believe it or not but it’s the real truth.

    I definitely enjoyed this explaination it’s definitely a good and very useful piece to write down for your wall in your home office or even if you rent space for your business it’s a helpful piece to have around to help remind you.

    I currently printed out in large bold print and have it hanging on my wall right now.

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