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Can You Really See?

Monday, April 21st, 2008

How Do You Think?

The World is a Product of Our Current Thinking.

To Change It,

 We Must Move

 to a New Level of Thinking.

Albert Eistein

How true can this be?

It’s so true we live in a day and age where so many people see what they want to see, here what they want to hear and see what they want to see or do not care to see.

But if you touch them with a little bit of what you see, they will ignore you and or chase you out of town. Now the reality is that so many highly educated individuals today care so much if you have a degree of some kind and only limit themselves to a public or private education of what a school has to offer you.

But then there are others with not so much education from public or private schools, who far succeed those of higher education or a document stating that they graduated and took it upon themselves to receive a degree after 4 years or more of education at a specialized school.

We all have different dreams, different ideas, different times and visions, of what we care to have in this great big old world that we call life. You should go look in the mirror see how you look when you are not smiling and look at yourself when you are, this is a reflection of two different worlds in and of itself.

Many of us go through life with full blinders on, which mean we intend to see life as we see and not pay so much attention, as to other people’s vision and sight. Maybe the reason is because there are a lot of people who selfish and have imagination.

Every time I have spoken to some of my friends who have fully finished with 4 years and 8 years being school, I asked them are they happy and are they where they planned to be, they tell me of course not. They want more but this is where they are and with all of the loans they need to pay back, the family they just started, the way there investments are currently going.

Everything that you do all makes a difference when you are able to look at life just a little bit clearer then you have before. Take the first step to see and you will see more then you ever would have thought before.

We are all born with intelligence and the ability to adapt to each and every situation put before us, but it’s entirely up to you to see if you are ready to awaken the hidden eyes to be able to see reality set before you.

This will open many different doors and will allow for you to awaken your passions and unlock the door to your success, simply sitting and doing the same old and same old, when you are looking for so much more.

Take some kind of action to elevate your current you into the You that you want to be.

By Julio Mattos

Getting Up and Taking Action

How Important is Your Health To Your Life!

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

How Important is Your Health To Your Life!

How Important Is Your Health To Your Life?

Regardless of the situation that you put yourself into, being able to get up and take action upon your health, no matter if it is only walking for 20 minutes or speed walking or simply doing streches and jumping jacks, it’s something.

Most of us in the world we allow so much time to fly right by us and make so many excuses to not exercise, such as ” I don’t have time” or “If I only had a few more hours a day, I could do so many more things” and so on and so forth. But let’s be realistic here we are only kidding ourselves when we make these plans and excuses, simply waisting time coming up with such excuses could be better spent doing some form of excercise.

So you know take a moment to sit down and realize what your desired outcome for your health goal maybe, should be a priority  and putting it on paper is a form of action and then after the plans have been made, the only thing you have to do is apply the action necessary for the accomplishment of your goal.

So taking steps to increasing your energy and transfering the negative mindset of stress and daily bad habits into working out will allow for your stress to be greatly reduced, you will feel much more better then you have and you can eliminate some of the time that you spend watching tv and place that time for your workouts.

Ok, ok I know I am walking on dangerous grounds here for some people but listen if you want more time, you must learn to balance your time in order to increase your livelihood and the only way of doing this is to form some good habits.

Good habits begins with the pen or pencil in your hand and a piece of paper or a notebook, then writing down what your health goals are, which could be loosing weight or gaining muscle mass and decrease body fat, eating healthier by writing down some of current eating habits. Then applying some more time to what you are looking to get from the plans you have written down and the only way of doing this either by you finding a workout buddy or getting a personal trainer or some way of motivating you to make sure you take action and if you fall off track you have to take your friend out for dinner or have your personal trainer penalize you by charging you a fee or paying yourself by having a jar where you have to pay yourself $10 each time you do not take action on your health goals.

So get up and take action. We  will touch base on this a little more a little later on as well.

A typical workout for me is as follows

100 pushups, regular and elevated, indian hendu style, it’s a great workout.

200 jumping jacks, with 10 pound weights on both legs and in hands, try this and you will feel it.

50 Pull ups, this will have you going and it requires you to learn to balance your body weight.

These are just a few things I will not go into great detail here at the moment but will write another brief article about this next week.

Simply making your health your number one goal or at least 2nd goal if your number 1 goal is to make money, then you have to at least apply yourself to at least 15 mintes a day. You have no idea as to the power of just 15 minutes can do to your health, the above brief is accomplish in less then 15 minutes.

So come on get up and take daily action towards the fulfillment of your health goals. 

By Mr. Julio Mattos

Getting Up and Taking Action

Traffic Generation, How Important It is For Your Business?

Friday, April 4th, 2008

How Important Is Traffic Generation For Your Business?

Do you find yourself with your product or service in hand but lack the traffic needed to really achieve your potentail goals?

I bey the answer is yes, you would love to learn how to use the various ways to gain traffic but not only general traffic leads, rather people who interested in your target niche or target products and services, who finds your product or service will help to solve their current profits.

Look there are so many ways of gaining traffic but eventually you will make it happen and you will get more and more traffic, then you can do a variety of things with that traffic to increase your income and also your productivity towards whatever plans you may have.

Traffic Generation Strategies is a given you have vast group of resources to look at for example:

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Social Media Sites- Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, LinkedIn, Etc.
  • Article Writing
  • Search Engines (SEO)
  • Audio or Podcasting
  • Seminars or Teleseminars
  • Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Placing Ads on websites with high traffic
  • Videos
  • Press Releases
  • Interviewing experts and offering it for free, or paid.
  • Newsletter or Ezine

A variety of other resources as well this is what it’s all about and it helps you get exposure to your website is what it’s all about.

Just a few small suggestions above should help you gain a little of traffic, it’s not a complete list but at least half way there.

By Julio Mattos

Getting Up and Taking Daily Action!

Money Management Tips: Credit Rules

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Money Management Tips: Credit Rules

1. Credit Cards are just like a loan-you have to pay what you owe.

2. Keep track of how much you spend. Remember that incidental and impulse purchases add up fast.

3. Save your receipts. Compare them with your monthly bill. Promptly report problems to the company that issued the card.

4. Never lend your card to anyone.

5. Owing more than you can repay can damage your credit rating. That can make it hard to finance a car, rent an apartment, get insurance-even get a job.

6. Pay your bill on time, and in full when possible. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay finance charges on the unpaid balance—-and it takes forever to get caught up if you just pay tje minimum.

The Federal Trade Commission has information and a free hotline if you need helpful information.

1-877-FTC-HELP  (or 877-383-4357) website: http://www.FTC.GOV

By Mr. Julio Mattos

Learning While Your Earning!

Are You Commiting Business Suicide?

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Are you Commiting Business Suicide?

“Marketing is not an event, but a process…. It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause it. But you never stop it completely.”

Jay Conrad Levinson 


Ok So what is business Suicide?

In reality if you have your own business, more like if you have your own small business and you try to do all the jobs of that business, you are doom to failure.

We are told that Marketing and Sales, Your  ability to communicate and take care of your clients will have your profits rise. But this is only true if you are Marketing Your Business Daily and steadily looking to grow more and more.

If you desire that your business grows and grows, while you are steadily taking action on your business, you must learn how to delegate your tasks to others, it doesn’t matter if you outsource the work and or simply, hire freelancers to do the tasks that you feel you need not do or you feel that you shouldn’t spend time on. To delegate tasks it will free up time needed to market your business products and services to the maximum, this you will soon see will lead you to freed up time and your business being promoted to the maximum level and watch your profits skyrocket.

With any business Traffic Generation will play a very key role in what your plans, goals and income projections will be, but the traffic to your business must not stop there, it must be unique to your target niche.

Your niche is very important, so you must target ideas, execute plans and take action on those plans. Now if you can afford to outsource some of your work and put it into a budget set with a powerful Return On Your Investment (ROI) and are focused on driven productive plans.

 You will see a greater rise not only in your profits but with your responses as well, everything that your business does will be continuous effort to increase your bottom line and you will need to test, check results, test some more and more to see what your ending results will be. We must also realize by doing this we will be investing money to bring in more money at a decent marker to break even or to receive a higher rate of return.

As a marketer you must be willing to adapt and willing to never sit idle, you must also take action on a daily basis, without action your business will not hit the 5 year mark and will never see the light of day of being around 10 years from now. Also re-investing your profits back into the company will also help you further implement plans of succeeding by having your money work for you and not you working simply for Earned income.

As a marketer you will be more like a project manager learning to apply various strategies for the furtherment of your business success, you will need to learn how to balance your business time, money and efforts to ultimate level. But not restrict yourself through the process.  It will also be very important to have a follow up system with your clients and ask them questions, offering them gifts or discounts on your products for their imput to your questions, surveys, etc.

Do not commit Business suicide by ignoring that you must promote your business daily and you must channel and tune into various different advertising stations in order to receive the maximum ROI and once this is in place, you must not ever think that your marketing is completely done, it’s a ever growing and exchanging process.

You will need to get your message out and to as many targeted individuals and maximizing your backend profits and services or products as well. This will surely put you a step above average as long as you are taking action and learning from each and every process and project and campaign you will gain knowledge to fact that you will never have actually expected.

By Julio Mattos

Getting up and Taking Action!

Learning While Your Earning!



Would You Like To Be A Millionaire?

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Care to Be A Millionaire?

April Fools. 🙂

Of course we would all truly Care To Be A Millionaire and would love to be, even though most people do not have any idea on how to do so. Even if they did have idea on how to become a Millionaire and or to even reach the Multi-Millionaire or To Receive the Billionaires View Point, they would have no idea how to maintain that view.

Most people I have spoken to have no real idea how to manage their current finances and income that they receive let alone a few million or billion dollars. They would love to become wealthy but have no desire or the will to take one step of Action or make a promise to themselves that they will learn how to manage their money.

If you cannot manage $50,000 how do You Expect to Manage a Million Dollars?

I receive a few answers from a few people on this and the responses were quite similar, they would leave it in the bank and live off the interest, or they would by an expensive house and turn around and sell it, they would invest in a few cars and some said they would live it up and never work again.

Ok, that’s all fine and good, but at the end of the day if you are not willing to take any action you merely living in the World Dreamer world of foolishness, realize I am very delicate World Dreamer, A person who truly has big plans and will follow through on them and make something happen by being a dreamer and as well as a action taker.

We continue this a little later today with the follow up article.

Best regards,

Julio Mattos

Getting Up and Taking Daily Action!