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Monday’s Quote of the day

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

– Harriet Tubman

Quote of the Day

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.”

– Julia Cameron

Ebooks, Audios and Videos, E-Courses, Home-Study Courses, Membership Sites

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Ebooks, Audios and Videos, E-Courses, Home-Study Courses, Membership Sites

We have all seen that all of the above mentioned has many different pontentials, for ourselves and those for our clients, to make money and to also share a collective of knowledge based off of each others basic chosen niche market. But simply saying that you are in it for the money becomes a challenging course of action over the long haul and you tend to find yourself really interested in helping people change and improve there lives for the better, to change where they are today into the people they have been striving to be.

Now we all come into fears of taking productive focused action and find ourselves making excuses and or putting things off for another day, rather then taking the proper action necessary to get our message out to the people in our choses niches and or just simply the the Word “CHANGE” take an Emotional toll on our personalities and our lives.

We are always looking to get attention from our targeted audiences and also as well as our friends, family and mentors and clients. But most of the time we lack the energy, time, money and resources to truly take the action needed in improving our lives a whole lot more better.

Copywriting, Direct Response Marketing, has a way of hitting the true selling points and true way of getting your message across because of the way to get your message to the hearts of your readers, because they hit you so deeply with words, which are of course free but not with words but using the ability to market and sell and hit the emotions, with stories also with proper usage of presenting this message will hit you with the deepest of things such as music, the way that a good song tends to play with words and the right tone of voices, but using audio’s, videos.

Now we are all not the best of writers, publishers, speakers, trainers or mentors but to be completely honest, being able  to get the attention of the people you are looking to buy from and sell to, and our to help improve their profits for there businesses and also to improve their health, wealth, wisdom and your relationships.

Choosing the vast resources of getting your message across as in the communications industry, we have so many ways to help get our messages across that we loose track that we have all of these communications that we can truly leverage.

Ok this is just a little bit I have been thinking about and have been reading about but for this to really take effect, I must personally thank a lot of the people who have come before us and who are yet to come and present their messages to us.

I look forward to bringing some value to you and to your businesses and as well as to your personal lives and relationships, by bringing to you products and services to help educate you and to lead you to a better lifestyle where by you will have more energy, time and money, to live the life that you were mean’t to live. But in reality I am a student to life and realize that I am also an Entrepreneur, which by where we truly desire to live as the rich and famous but settle for mediocrity, because we do not get up and take any action towards achieving our goals.

Please if you feel you have some suggestions that you would like us to speak about and some products and services to bring to your please let us know. We realize that we can only really bring you quality by first asking you what you want and how we can bring a solution that which you are seeking.

Best regards,

Julio Mattos

Repetive Productive Action

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

“Man is always more than he can know of himself; consequently, his accomplishments, time and again, will come as a surprise to him.” Golo Mann

Updates:Wow It Has Been A While Hasn’t It?

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Hello My Friends,

I realize that I have not written that many post’s really over the course of the last couple of months and please bare with us it has been very busy for me, also a note from Mr. Julio Mattos,  trying to shake a bit of my projects and have been writing offline more lately. I have been writing and thinking, also have been busy on some projects and working on creating some packages that should be coming soon here.

I also realize that I really have been working on some big plans for 2008 and  had to delayed a lot of projects that were supposed to be launched late last year and have finally come out of hiding and have decided to really start unleashing what I’ve been upto.

A side note on this we will be changing a few things here and we did really plan do some things last year, but Mr. Julio Team took it upon ourselves to delay all projects just because we felt that it would benefit everyone if we were to complete some other tasks offline and then begin again online. So we have put together a few good offers and will start launcing these products as soon as this coming week. We have put together some mighty good packages that we feel will be set at good prices and with some extra value in several ways, then what we originally believe that we would approve, we have been busy looking to increase profitability of our company and as well as offer value at good prices. Our Mission will be to help you start making money online and to change your current lives from where you are today, to Where You Would like to be, by helping you attain Financial Independence by making more money while reducing the necessary time to do so, but will tell you it will be no easy journey, but will be an incredible journey none the less.

Please sit back and watch as we work with you and urge you to take action, we will help you along the way but as the old saying go, we can give you the tools to help getting you going but it will remain up to you, if you will take action upon your dreams and goals, It will also depend on your  willingness to invest in yourself in the following ways, Time, Energy and Money.

This will be the first building blocks for you to really form the changes and create the good habits to get you on your way to the person and place that you so desire to be.

We realize that this and we are currently doing the same things as well and will be taking incredible action upon our own dreams and goals and will bring several of them here with many changes and will really be changing our looks to where we like. We will be bring you value resources to help you along your Business and Personal development journeys, that will follow once you commit to changing your ways and be willing to invest in yourselves, but importantly what we will be asking of you and what you will be asking of us will be for the betterment of both you and us, by creating plans, followed up with productive action, while all the while of keeping your expenses low and while raising the mindsets of each and everyone of you from being unfocused and not purpose driven, to jumping into the drivers seat and becoming a Leader of your Life and not just a follower of your OWN LIFE.

Stick with us and we will be listening to any and all comments in vast majority of Communications as well, we realize that their are so many different ways to communicate now more then ever in history. We will be creating and also seeking helpful resources for training you and making your lives much less stressful and finding ways for you to truly be able to benefit yourself and your family, as well as your friends and customers.

Look out please just give us a little more time and we really will be looking for your opions and will also be creating a newsletter for the vast resources that is called dealing with our day to day lives.

Thank you so much and let’s make 2008 the year of change and Action Driven Improvement, Followed by Investing the Time, Energy, Money to truly Improve both our Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Relationships.

We hope you are enjoying yourselves this Martin Luther King, Junior Weekend.

Best wishes and to you and our success,

Julio Mattos and my Support Team

Quote of the day

Monday, January 7th, 2008

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.”

Henry David Thoreau

2008 Updates for

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

2008 Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

We have been looking into a few courses based on a few surveys we have seen online from a vast majority of resources from small companies and to large companies and a vast group of guru marketers.

We have seen all in all, the surveys that have been listed have stated that they are looking for more traffic generation methods.

While there is a deep list of ways of marketing and advertising, we have recently read Rich Schefren Attention Age 2 and he states in this report a variety of good points and this has had us a little busy putting a few packages together and will be focusing on ways of helping use some of those points.

What we have gotten mostly from Rich’s Attention Age Doctrine 2 is that a lot of potential business builders have not been taking advantage of Social Networking Websites and communications from a personal view point rather then a marketers view point, which is very much true. So in 2oo8 we will be putting the Social Networking Sites to use in upcoming Marketing Campaigns mainly for traffic generation perposes and will be looking to build new relationships and strengthen those relationships and previous going forward.

All in all with a short list to let you know what we have planned is this of course:

Search Engine Optimization- SEO

Social Networking Sites- Facebook and Myspace, Youtube, Etc.

Forums- offering a place for your customers to be able to communicate together.

List Building- Being able to build your ezine/newsletter of subscribers will help you be able to get your message out more and have them help you advertise your products and services as well.

Article Marketing- We have seen a lot of authors and marketers and individuals a like write articles to get traffic toward whatever subject that they have there aticle about.

Web Design and Sales Copy- Having your copy directly set and your templates with proper sales copy aimed toward creating more traffic and making more sales, because the more accurately you display your content and your site design, the better off you will.

K.I.S.S. Method- Keep it simple Stupid- This can work for you in so many ways keeping things short and to the point, will help you receive more traffic as well.

Video and Audio- We know that videos and audios, podcasting capabilities have helped cover a lot of ground as well, you know with ability to interview someone thousands of miles away and not have to leave your house, it allows for you and them to simply use computers and cameras to create great content and blam, instant traffic, of course it’s not that easy but it could be with practice.

Affiliate Programs- This is using your training abilities, to train affiliates and to offer them the tools they need to leverage your message out to their subscribers and customers.

Joint Venture Partnerships- Where by you and your JV Partner shares each others time to help leverage, the time, energy, money towards getting your message across to each others customers and affiliates, subscribers. Also if someone is well known and you are a newbie to your particular niche then that persons fame will help lead you to more exposure.

I did say a brief list but I explain a few of the benefits as well.

We have been contact some traffic generation specialists and have been buying traffic generation materials and will be putting some packages together help get traffic for both you and us, by offering some helpful resources to help you a littler further a long.

Look forward to some articles on this going forward throughout this brand new year, let’s make this year the year of change and making it the best financial and productive year yet to come.

Although we have spoke only about traffic generation we will have a lot of tips on other aspects of business and wealth building, etc. coming to you soon and a few other changes that we had planned but was delayed last year.

To all of your success.

By Julio Mattos

What I think of this Quote by Brian Tracy

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

“The most important reason for wanting to succeed
is not the money you make, but the person you become.”
– Brian Tracy

This quote has so much meaning to me. Brian Tracy is a very wise man.

This quote has so much meaning to me terms of both personal and business beliefs, it comes down to the fact not simply doing things only for money, but doing things to help others and doing things you truly enjoy doing.

As a entrepreneur you become so overwhelmed with the fact of creating profits that you loose trach of your customers and the vision you has in your business when you first started out. That you simply focus more on gaining more money then you do on product creation process and the quality of your the products and services being offered through your company.

Now in our personal lives we thrive for Financial Independence because in reality our incomes that earn, is not enough to keep food on the table and keeping you and your loves one from thinking and worrying about living paycheck to Paycheck.

We live in a world where we would truly want to enjoy all of the good things that it has to offer and we feel hatred towards others, who doing better then we are. This is so true in so many different ways and then once you achieve this level of pleasure, you become greedy and unhappy because you want more and more, you also do not want to loose what you have, because of the fact recall how hard it was to where you now.

Please understand there are happy people in walks of life and sad individuals as well. In all  reality it seems that no matter where you come from you set the weather in your life and that simply means if you bring joy to your life and to everything that you do, you will receive back from those around you but if you bring darkness and sadness, insecurity and close mindedness to everything then you will receive that in return.

Look we are all here to set the way of life that we are looking to be in and the people we aiming to become. Nothing is truly handed to you for free forever and includes the rich kids who are heirs to their parents and or grandparents fortunes, yes they may receive the fortune of those who leave it to them, but who to say that it will remain in their holding.

We have so many spenders out here, who do not know how to budget and those who are savers and live frugally. We have so many different upbringings, places we lived and situations that we all went to and to be able to understand it all, it would be great, but in the real world we come to understand that as humans we are greedy creatures of bad habits and different personalities.

Like said so many different things you receive from this one quote.

By Julio Mattos

Happy New Year! Wow It’s 2008, can you believe it.

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Happy New Year! Wow it’s 2008, can you believe it.

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve blast of the ending of 2007 and the beginning of 2008.

It has been  great past couple of weeks going through some training and enjoying some vacation time, and just plain enjoying being able to relax. It has been a lot of brainstorming and leveraging my money, time, energy.

It’s simply amazing that you know, I have written down notes in the stragest of places and at the weirdest of times, but it has been non-stop on the go for the beginning of 2008.

So many people begin the New Year’s with a hang over, or they wake up early to make it to the gym, or just plain watching some movie and or having a delicious fresh and healthy breakfast, while doing a little light reading and writing, or working on there businesses. We all begin the New Year differently and some just begin the new year the same old way they always do and remain in the same old mood they are always in.

Me I wake up fully refreshed and ready to begin working on my plans, my goals, resolutions, oh wait I know what you are thinking, “Come on Julio, why are you bringing this up now and it’s only the first day of New Years, let us get a hold of the new year and catch our breath first. But you know what, how many times have you set you would do something and never do it.

We have all been there and have things linger like a bad oder for days and or weeks and or months on end, only to find yourself at the end of year wishing you had go things done.  Look I rather make this year the best year ever in my life, I am prepared to face the obstacles that will come down my path and I have a strong resolve to endure whatever it maybe, either it be success and or failure, I will steadily learn from it and move on. This is the path of someone looking to give it his all to make sure to accomplish his plans and take the necessary action to get on his way.

Let’s face the new year together and endure the heartaches that will come, the problem of not having enough money, time, energy, not being able to sleep. Let’s get all out in the open and help each other through all that will come, because let’s face it you cannot do everything all alone, and if you try you will only be like the guy who complains all the time and keeps telling everyone you are going to something as soon as the time is right.

But you know in reality and in the core of your being, in your existance, there is no right time or wrong time, it’s just taking the proper actions necessary to get you rolling and moving forward, with your time, energy and money in conrol. Be driven to fulfill whatever may come your way and you come to the understanding that you have to become focused and willing to create a plan, take the action and follow up, in order to achieve your plans. There’s no perfect plan just an opportunity to continously look to persist and look for the greener side of things.

Have a great day and have a great new year, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you in this great and incredible 2008.

By Julio Mattos